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Our service team at Serra Mazda Brighton is excited to start working on your car or SUV soon. We understand how critical the condition of your vehicle is, and we will do what it takes to optimize its performance and reliability over the years. Our service shop is staffed exclusively by certified Mazda experts who have received specific training in the proper care of our models.

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Serving Brighton, Detroit & Ann Arbor, MI

The combination of usage and time can take a serious toll on your vehicle from bumper to bumper. At Serra Mazda Brighton, our specialists can address all of your vehicle’s unique maintenance needs. By visiting our convenient location today, you can give your car or SUV the proper attention that it needs to optimize its capabilities and condition. We are equipped to meet all of your Mazda’s needs, from check engine light diagnostics and tire rotations to oil changes, belt replacements, and more.

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The original equipment manufacturer parts that your Mazda was produced with are high-quality components with extended longevity and robust durability. While they are designed to perform well, they will eventually wear down and need to be replaced. Aftermarket replacement parts are one option, but they have questionable durability and longevity. At Serra Mazda Brighton, the OEM replacement parts that we use in our customers’ vehicles are identical to the original Mazda parts. Because of our commitment to using these parts, we can consistently deliver properly serviced cars to our customers. Call our office at Serra Mazda Brighton today for your Mazda’s next service appointment.