Get Top Dollar for Your Trade

Top Dollar for Your Trade

In many cases, shoppers at Serra Mazda Brighton plan to trade in their old car when they purchase their next vehicle. Often, the equity in the old vehicle is applied toward the down payment on the new vehicle. This means that the buyer has to finance less of the sales price, which could set up lower monthly payments. In some cases, a shopper has negative equity in their old car, and they intend to roll the difference into the new car loan. Regardless of your circumstances, you understandably want to maximize the value of your trade-in vehicle. How can you ensure that you get a great deal?


One of the most important steps you can take is keeping your vehicle well-maintained over the years. It may be best to have the vehicle serviced at the dealership where you intend to trade it in at. By doing so, the dealership is fully aware of its maintenance history and may make you a higher offer. Keep all maintenance receipts and big-ticket purchase receipts, such as new tires. It may also help if you wash and wax your vehicle before you bring it in to the dealership for the trade.


It is important to have a fair idea of the value of your old car before you arrive at the dealership, and there are several valuation websites that you can use for this purpose. You should be aware that some aftermarket upgrades can slightly increase value. However, depending on the upgrades and how many have been made, the value may drop because of them. You can and should negotiate a fair price for your trade-in, but you should keep its real value in mind.

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